MuniTrax is a leader in online Tax Services. We provide our municipal clients with a “State of the Art” solution to Real Property tax collection. At no cost, our solutions make it easier for our clients to process tax and other payments while increasing the levels of service they provide to their citizens. The MuniTrax product includes all the resources needed for our clients to enter the world of online collection services. We apply the latest technology to the business, while letting our clients concentrate on doing what they do best, service their customers.

MuniTrax offers a secure location where citizens can review their tax information and make payments if desired. There are many other entities that offer online payments, but no other online system concentrates on tax payments processing as a service. Tax Receivers know that a lot goes into collecting taxes. The processing of a tax payment is the last step of the services our municipal clients provide. MuniTrax acknowledges the other services needed to collect taxes and we developed a product that recognizes the need for a full online tax system.

MuniTrax is a true extension of the Tax Receiver’s office. As our clients have been asked to do more with less (or the same), our system has become even more valuable. By offering tax payment processing online as a service, our system provides answers to many questions and offers functions that would normally take up the valuable time of Municipal employees and citizens. Why deploy a payment system that creates questions and problems when you can have the MuniTrax program that supports the functions of any government collection office.

Municipal Government
The MuniTrax Municipal Solution not only allows for new online payment solutions, but also allows a unique citizen experience making it feel like the Tax Receiver’s office is open 24X7.
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Commercial Research
Our extensive list of online tax information makes getting information less taxing. Our range of online tax services was designed for all industries that need quick and accurate tax information.
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Payment Gateway
MuniTrax can provide a means for government entities to simply collect funds. Our organiztion has the proper certifications as well as the security in place to provide different payment options for different services.
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Working in a true partnership the MuniTrax product team can successfully bring these online, value added services to other tax software providers. Our partners can offer our full services to their clients.
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MuniTrax provides a complete range of online payment services. We can accommodate any type of bill for municipality including bills for Real Property Tax, Parking, Utility and Water.

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