About MuniTrax  

MuniTrax is a leader in on-line Payment Processing Solutions. Our mission is to provide top quality internet based services to Municipalities who collect Real Property Taxes and other receivables. Our focus is to use our experience with on-line information presentment to reduce Municipal Staff intervention while offering the constituent a secure and convenient way to make payments.

Starting out as Primary Foil in 2000 MuniTrax developed applications to present on-line information to both the citizens and the commercial community. In 2004, MuniTrax increased their services to allow on-line payments using either credit card or e-check. Our service centric approach to payment processing has enabled MuniTrax to process over $200 million in on-line payments while experiencing significant growth in volume each year.

Our Unique beginning as a Service Provider has enabled MuniTrax to develop a product designed to provide on-line payment processing as a service. We approach online processing, not as a Payment Gateway, but as a group of services working together to make receiving payments easier from the citizen and municipality standpoint. It is our goal, to have our services revolutionize the way municipalities and their citizens view online tax collection.

Ever mindful of identity theft, MuniTrax has expended both the time and money to obtain certification from the Payment Card Industry and met the stringent requirements of the major banks regarding account data security. This is an ongoing process requiring an extensive annual review and quarterly network intrusion testing by an approved outside service.

MuniTrax has bridged the gap between Municipalities and the Commercial Community. Taking difficult processes away from municipality workers and getting the required information quicker to the researcher. We are an ideal tool for any law firms, title, bank and escrow companies as well as organizations needing general tax research.

Through the automation of back-office tasks, MuniTrax has made it easier for our clients to support their customers during busy payment periods. Our dedication to our goal of making it easier for our clients to collect payments has helped us increase total payments significantly since 2004.

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