September 2007: Primary Foil Announces its New Company Name: MuniTrax “The Online Tax Payment Specialists”
Press Release
Primary Foil Announces its New Company Name: MuniTrax “The Online Tax Payment Specialists”

NYSATRC newsletter article by Jennifer Acquafredda

June 10, 2007 Primary Foil announced its new company name MuniTrax at the New York Training School for Tax Collecting Officials Conference in Syracuse, New York. Since 2001 MuniTrax has been a leading provider of online tax and municipal payment solutions.

The branding of MuniTrax has been a process that began in late 2006 to reflect the growing success of Primary Foil becoming the pre-eminent choice of municipalities for online tax and municipal payments. The MuniTrax brand reflects the company’s focus on the security of its clients’ information, the success of its national growth and the utilization of the latest state-of-the-art technology. The bold new look of MuniTrax reflects a commitment to becoming the only choice for online tax payment solutions.

MuniTrax began posting complete property tax bills on its website in January of 2001. Initial clients for the use of this new online system were title companies, mortgage banks and tax-servicing companies. Since the property tax cycle is as short as thirty calendar days in the northeast U.S., businesses typically must work at a feverish pace to obtain information, process it and deliver the payments back to the municipalities or incur costly fees and penalties. Often, these companies will enter into costly contracts with a “tax search firm” or employ expensive teams of “searchers”, who literally travel from town hall to town hall scanning the tax rolls for information on required accounts. With MuniTrax, the information is made available to registered business customers as soon as the municipality releases it.

In 2005, at the request of several municipalities, MuniTrax developed a system exclusively for municipalities and individual taxpayers to experience the advantage of online property tax payments. When MuniTrax partners with a municipality, all parties win. The municipality meets its customer service requirements with little or no human resources expended; taxpayers have a timely and automated means of receiving, managing and paying property tax bills and are armed with up-to-date information. The MuniTrax system provides a Town’s taxpayers with a secure path to the electronic version of the tax bill for viewing, printing, payment and archival purposes. The system provides high quality tax statements in a convenient interface while reducing the opportunity for individuals to use the data for other than its intended purposes through secure registrations and user level restrictions. This all adds up to a cycle of efficiency that occurs several times annually, generating growing and consistent value for the municipality and the taxpayer.

On August 14, 2007 the Town of North Hempstead selected MuniTrax from six bidders as their online tax payment solution. The MuniTrax payment solution is currently installed in municipalities that combined collect over 3 billon dollars in annual property taxes. To learn more about MuniTrax contact their government sales team at 866.739.3869 or email