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MuniTrax can provide a means for government entities to simply collect funds. Our organiztion has the proper certifications as well as the security in place to provide different payment options for different services.

Munitrax, provides payment services for other municipal functions as well. In many instances less extensive data is needed to produce payments. The Munitrax system is designed with the flexibility to facilitate other payments as well.

In working with our Municipal clients, we have identified other needs where clients need simply a payment gateway to offer to their clients. Through our relationships, Munitrax has developed payment systems for Parking Tickets, Meter Violations and Utility billing.

MuniTrax has expended both the time and money to obtain certification from the Payment Card Industry and met the stringent requirements of the major banks regarding account data security. These steps have given us the ability to offer our clients a secure and trusted option to process many different type of payments

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